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FIRST in INDONESIA! Tissue Organ Intim Special For Women Tightening, Whitish Overcome & Prevent Cervical Cancer LATEST Products from Boyke & Co.

Registered Official: CA No. POM. 1809.1707.543

Double Majakani Extracts Intimate TISSUE
Many of the women who experienced STRESS, This can not be regarded as normal, because they can unwittingly cause vaginal discharge and mucus that smells, If this is prolonged it will be allowed to disrupt the harmony in dealing with a partner. It could even lead to cervical cancer (cervix).
Tissue health is used to maintain the cleanliness and health of sex organs. With alcohol-free formula, ph balance and extract natural ingredients, making the washer is very gentle, safe, irritation-free and fresh all day. Each woman at risk for cervical cancer! Every 1 Hour, 1 Women Indonesia * dies * so Have you noticed & prevent it?
Facts you should know:

* In Indonesia, every day of women diagnosed with cervical cancer 40-45 and 20-25 of them died from it.
* Cervical cancer is the commonest cancer in Indonesia
* The impact that can be caused cervical cancer in women very much, because most cases of cervical cancer arise when women are in the productive age between 30-50 yrs.
Impacts that can arise are:
o Impaired quality of life: psychological, physical and sexual health.
o The impact of social and economic (financial).
o The effect on care, child education and family life atmosphere.
How symptoms of Cervical Cancer?
Most HPV infections and cervical cancer early stage took place without causing any symptoms at all, so patients can still undergo daily activities.
However, if the examination can be found early detection of cervical cells are abnormal are referred to as precancerous lesions.
When cancer is advanced or experienced progression of the symptoms that can arise include:

1. Bleeding after intercourse.
2. Spontaneous bleeding that occurs between regular menstrual periods.
3. Incidence of vaginal discharge mixed with blood and smelled.
4. Pelvic pain and impaired or can not even urinate.
5. Pain during intercourse.

(Info & pictures taken from
Do not delay to contact your doctor if you are having these symptoms
Intimate Tissue Majakani fruit contains a natural extract Majakani Piper betle, Lactic Acid and Vitamin E which serves to help:

* Tighten the muscle female sex organs
* Provide a sense of rough on the female organs
* Stabilizing the acid pH & reduce the liquid (wet) excessive
* Creating a more fragrant aroma around the sex organs
* Helps tighten the abdominal muscles & the uterus after childbirth
* Fostering & clean the uterus after childbirth & menstruation
* Prevent Whitish
* Eliminate itching of the genital
* Prevent fungus that cause odor
* Keeping the skin around the sex organs remain healthy and well groomed.
* Prevent Cervical Cancer (not through sexual couples)
Did you know? EVERY woman at risk for cervical cancer
and every 1 hour, an Indonesian woman died of the deadly cancer.


"Remarkable tissue double majakani (TDM) is, my friend 2 months to suffer more pain vaginal varicose veins exposed, let alone for couples relationship to dispose of urine just hurt like hell .... but thank God ... since using this Manjakani varicose tissue was not feels to the touch when only a 1x use ... for optimum results in routine use up to 2 weeks every day ... Thank you .... "
(Ms. Nur - Medan)

"My customers testify vaginal infection (sore & itchy) since water use toilets in shopping while traveling, I recommend using tissue majakani, 1 sheet for 2 to noon & night, a new daytime wear 25 minutes she felt something working at the intimate organs (such as the creeping motion), then that is recommended for evening sy for settling up the next morning, next day she call me when tissue removed & there arises a yellowish mucus powder such as talcum powder, according to experts who like powder that is bacteria ... and on day 5 with the use of routine ... (spend 5 sachets) TSB vaginal infections healed! "
(Mother Lilies - Jakarta)

"Since taking Tisue Double Majakani, whitish experienced drastically reduced my wife! When you first use and then allowed to stand 20 minutes & the time spent on a tissue stuck to a lot of yellow mucus, since the use of scent now feels fresh & wife more passionate, than healthy of course .. thanks for the solution ...."
(Mr. Agus - jakarta)

"My wife since taking tissue from Boyke & co this incredible ability ... to be more abrasive intimate organs, muscles tighter and femininity as when young again ... well ... was really remarkable product of this co Boyke & "
(Mr. Tino - Depok)

*) The result is different on each woman's body because the condition is also different.
**) There are countless testimonials of satisfaction from our customers that we received, testimonials to use a pseudonym for customer privacy.
Intimate Tissue Use this on female sex organs & part of it and then let it slip inside, let sit 15-20 minutes. Because the field is wide enough tissue, could be in for 2 for the day & night, As for the clean use of sex organs in female sex organs towards the outside without the need to rinse again.

PROMO Price: Rp. 150.000, -/BOX
(Promo price valid while)

- 1 box = contains 9 sachets (62x95 mm)
- 1 sachet contains 1 sheet (140x200 mm)

QUICK ORDER way via SMS: 1. Mention full name based on ID 2. Specify complete address 3. Mention how you message box TDM 4. Banks mentioned that you'll use to transfer
Send to no hp: 0816982726
Example SMS: Riana Dewi, a second message box TDM, Banyan Street North No. RT01 RW02 Kelurahan 3A District Medangan Randusari, solo 50 252 - java, via BCA
Send it to no: 0816982726
- Then we'll get back the total price + postage + bank brand. - Confirm your payment after transfer via SMS 0816982726 - Packets sent neat (plain to maintain your privacy)
Boyke-abenetwork Forbidden to copy, edit & distribute the photos above without permission abenetwork & management of PT ABE
Dear husband? The message now!
Any questions / want to be a distributor? Contact: Danu Hadi Waskita - 0816982726

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