Jumat, 09 September 2011

Various Recipes Beautiful Available in Your Kitchen

Do not like to cook and rarely to the kitchen? Maybe after you read this, you will change your mind. Because many objects in your kitchen that could actually make us beautiful. What?

1. Cucumber
 Cucumber juices are excellent for you who have a toner for oily skin. Or, mix with milk, and make facial cleansers.

2. Honey
 In addition to killing germs, honey we can also mix it with lotion or liquid soap to make the skin become ekstrahalus. Mix honey with milk, be a lotion that will make our skin glow.

3. Cabbage
 Confused with acne who always appears on the face? Play it to the kitchen, grab a cabbage, mashed, and make the mask on the acne. The content of amino acids and vitamin C can help rid of acne.

4. Garlic
 Puree the garlic, rub the juice into the face for 5 minutes, and a pimply face will no longer be a problem. But remember, do not just let stand 5 minutes alone in the face, because if too long, the face will feel the heat,

 5. Lemon and egg white
 Combine these two ingredients and make a face mask. Lemon is good for you who have oily skin, and egg white serves to tighten the skin and shrink pores.

 6. carrots
 If coolie
 You are "decorated" stain and black spots, use a carrot to overcome them. Puree carrots and apply on the skin mottled.

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