Selasa, 13 September 2011

Steak and Noodle Menu Mainstay

Now enjoy a steak with an international flavor to the hotel no longer need or which of course starred restaurant was expensive. Simply come to the Restaurant De Kitchen, on the ground floor of the Sun Mall. So a steak meal with a very, very affordable too can enjoy.
According to the owner and manager of De Kitchen, Dedi Effendy, the concept of this restaurant is modern and unique. Starting from the menu that is served up to the restaurant interior design.
Problem menu, De Kitchen serves Europe, Asia, to the archipelago. And as a menu mainstay is the Sirloin Steak.
Unlike most restaurants in New York City which is a franchise, De Kitchen is a "pure" local restaurants.
"All the menus are presented is my own work. Like steak and noodles of our own making," said the man is already 20 years into the world of hotel and restaurant.
The name is taken from the initials of De Kitchen namely De Dedi. While the kitchen means the kitchen, the kitchen is meant mall.
"So De Kitchen is a kitchen mall sun. Because only De Kitchen which provides a universal food that anyone could eat," said the man from Bandung who have pocketed this Pontianak ID card.
Met at the sidelines of the grand opening on Thursday (28 / 7) yesterday, Smith adds, De Kitchen is a public restaurant with high taste. De Kitchen is a special steak menu is made from imported meat, but the price is very affordable.
"To enjoy steak just enough to pay Rp 30 thousand. Very, very cheap and affordable," promo. Special welcome fasting, De Kitchen also provides a package breaking.
For a month already operational, Smith acknowledged the community is very accepting and interest is high enough. Target market is all circles. He is also targeting the existing tenants in the Sun Mall.
"Hope we have the opportunity to stand together, can be known, and this progress can be enjoyed by all employees. We want to develop further," said Dedi. In the future also in the development plan in Sintang even abroad in Singapore.
On the occasion grand opening, Smith also gave assistance to the duafa through Wallets Ummah.
Sources: Daily Equator

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