Selasa, 13 September 2011

Grouper Acid Spicy Sauce

Hot weather delicious eating fish, of course. But not just any fish that are served restaurant kitchen chef Hotel Mercury, Friatna Arif, who found the recipe tastes Pontianak. The material is also of the waters of West Kalimantan, it is tasty grouper.

But do not imagine that berkuah acid is typically spicy. This is, Kerapu Acid Spicy Sauce. So, savory fried grouper fan then doused with spicy sour sauce, wuiihh ... makjreng!

Enjoy the spicy chili Pontianak, plus galangal and lemongrass finely sliced ​​sauteed with garlic, savory aroma. "This new recipe I created in Pontianak," said Arif for fans sour and spicy sensations.

An interesting sensation, there are tastes of Thailand adoption of lemongrass and ginger flavor with a bold acid from Tabasco. Arif prefer fresh grouper instead of carp. "Why is grouper, because if it was mostly carp. More fatty marine fish, "said Arif to the Equator as frying fish.

Grouper size of about 7 ounces of flour fried in thin. Crisp enough to yellowish, and its tail can be chewed like crackers. After that just doused with boiling sauce to spread the scent that evokes the tastes and hunger. Above it is also sown with sliced ​​celery and scallions.

Served with hot rice, can be combined with vegetables according to your preferences. But, it's better to try a restaurant Hotel Mercure to prove it. (*)

(Source Daily Equator)

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