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CPO prices Melorot, 2012 Oil Export Tax Will Go Down

Jakarta - State revenue from the sector of export taxes or duties out of 2012 expected to decline as projected melorotnya prices of crude palm oil or crude palm oil (CPO) of the world.
Although the actual projections about the price of CPO is often missed because it is difficult to guess, for this calculation CPO export tax in a progressive manner.
Fiscal Policy (BKF) Ministry of Finance project, the average amount of duties out of CPO in 2012 will only reach 15%. This is down when compared to the tariffs which came out in 2011 in the range of 15-25%.
According to the Acting Head of Fiscal Policy Bambang Brodjonegoro, in this year's CPO prices have declined from U.S. $ 1.295/MT-US $ 1.089/MT to U.S. $ 1,000-US $ 1,050 which is expected to occur in the coming year.
"CPO price assumptions CIF Rotterdam in 2012 estimated U.S. $ 1,036, the reference price in the range of U.S. $ 1,000-US $ 1,050. It is estimated that in 2012 Bea hence declining CPO prices also dropped out, "said Bambang in a hearing with the House of Representatives in Jakarta on Monday (12 / 9).
From earlier calculations, Bambang added, expected revenues from the customs exit sector reached Rp 18.9 trillion. The amount is far declined when compared to the target exit customs receipts in 2011 amounting to Rp 25.4 trillion.
Especially for the acceptance of palm oil products out of customs, in 2012 is estimated at Rp 12.6 trillion. While for CPO derivative products (downstream) exit fees being charged at 6% with a revenue target of Rp 5.2 trillion.
"The policy of BK is also a policy instrument to control domestic prices for certain commodities, especially for the CPO and its derivatives as well as protect the downstream industry pricing and tariffs so that BK is not prioritized for acceptance," he explained.
Meanwhile, Indonesian Oil Palm Growers Association to assess the government really does not side with the farmers which is marked by the re-imposition of export tax for crude palm oil all products.
DPP Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Growers Association (Apkasindo), Anizar Simanjuntak asserted, CPO export tax-related, farmers are not cared for, even with the added burden of the tax imposed for a variety of derivative products such as palm kernel meal and crude palm kernel oil as of September 16.
Just as progressive policy CPO PE, PE to other derivative types has also been detrimental to farmers because employers certainly are also believed to directly cut back the purchase price palm fruit bunches (FFB) farmers.
Farmers immediately felt a loss because most of the land of palm oil in Indonesia's farmers. "So whatever the government policy on oil would be directly felt the impact of farmers," he said.
Apkasindo increasingly objected to the imposition of PE because of the money from the tax is also not enjoyed by farmers. Because, as long as farmers are still allowed to develop its own oil.
"If there is any program which is said to help farmers such as the revitalization of plantations would not work because in fact the program was also weighing on farmers as a matter of certification of the land," he said.
Government plans to make PE of other derivative products, today are directly perceived farmers and entrepreneurs.
TBS depressed prices farmers began to live again Rp1.150 per kg from about Rp1.300 per kg, due to the entrepreneur to "wait and see" in the transaction, the reasons have not been able to determine export prices will follow the enactment of PE.
The government itself does not have accurate data that the PE policy is proven to increase the downstream oil industry in the country. "What about downstream oil industry would develop in the country, the infrastructure alone can not be met during this pemerintah.Padahal PE CPO should be enough to help fix people's oil palm plantation and infrastructure in the region and to develop downstream industries," he said.
Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) of North Sumatra, Balaman Tarigan, acknowledged Gapki in the central and local governments continue to request that CPO PE reduced or even eliminated at least there is no guarantee that the funds were returned to persawitan interests in the country.
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