Selasa, 13 September 2011

Iga Bakar taste in Indonesia

Eating with the family is the best choice on Saturday night. Of course choice menu becomes the focus. Then, choose the chef Arif Friatna Iga Bakar (grill ribs) ala Mercure Hotel.

"It's really brave. Not only when cooking, from the initial process has been robust in flavor. Indonesian cuisine is essentially in the seasoning, "said Arif, 35, who has crossed the five-star hotel se in the number of the archipelago.

Interestingly, prime rib seasoning imported from Australia with Indonesia in the hands of a basic Arif was indeed western cuisine chef, makes us more familiar tongue. "Seasoning red base Indonesia's tastes," said Arif offers consumers a bold spicy.

Before the fire (grill) spices such as lemongrass, nutmeg, onion, garlic and red pepper, and the others are dilumurkan that seep into the meat. This is typical of the red spice Indonesia, so it's not more to the style barbecue of grilled meat western tastes.

When the ribs were burned, along with the fat cow that expands biodegradable spread aroma. "It's different with konro," said Arif. Bake with indirect fire is better because fats and oils are not included in the meat, but dripping out.

Imports of meat and spice aroma Indonesia feels stimulate hunger. It is up to serve with rice or potatoes. But it's grilled ribs from the restaurant kitchen Mercure be tested because of the typical taste. (*)

Sources: Daily Equator

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